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Discuss These With the Carpet & Tile Cleaners

What to Ask Before a Carpet and Tile Cleaning

Your carpets are beneficial and appealing. It brightens up a room, improves its mood, keeps warmth in, soft and comfortable, and reduces noise. Whatever advantages you reap from your carpets, maintaining those benefits requires proper care. Maintenance means hiring carpet and tile cleaning specialists. To find the right carpet cleaner for your home, below are 3 of the questions to ask. Bear in mind it’s also a good idea to learn about all the details possible before spending money or making commitments.

What steps are included in the standard cleaning?

If your prospective carpet cleaner doesn’t vacuum before they clean, then the dry soil will turn to mud. Often, a quoted price doesn’t include pre-treatment of the dirtiest and filthiest areas. What do these carpet cleaners think? Do they think you hired them to clean your already clean carpets? Established companies will offer an 8-step process designed to provide you with everything that your carpet needs to be cleaned.

How long will the process take? Is it a tedious job?

Often, the process of carpet cleaning is a lengthy one, so make sure to ask for a specific timeline from prospective carpet and tile cleaning specialists. If the provided timeline sounds too good to be true, then that’s probably the case! In the smallest and easiest locations, it’ll take a few hours due to the need to move furniture and some technical details involved in proper cleaning. If your carpets need steam cleaning, it’ll also take between 8 hours for your carpets to fully dry. If it takes longer than a day to dry, it has been over-saturated.

Is the team equipped with insurance & a license?

You must work with a cleaning company that provides workers’ compensation to their employees. Most states will require companies with more than two employees to offer the benefit; however, other unreliable companies will avoid investing in the benefit to cut corners and keep costs low. If they do this, it’ll leave you susceptible to lawsuits if one of the carpet cleaners gets injured while working on your property. Hiring an insured and licensed company that carries workers’ compensation will protect you from liabilities if an employee incurs work-related injuries while working on your property.

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